Dr. Birx warns nine U.S. cities about increasing COVID-19 cases

Dr. Birx warns nine U.S. cities about increasing COVID-19 cases
Dr. Deborah Brix, the coordinator of the White House task force, Source: Web

For this week, the Coronavirus task force of White House is highlighting and warning few states about an upsurge in COVID-19 cases rate in new cities.

Dr. Deborah Brix, the task force coordinator, said that there are prompting indications across the south, an area hardly hit by a rushing pandemic in previous weeks, but on Wednesday, she highlighted new regions of concern in a private phone call with local officials and state, according to the recording which is gained by Center for Public Integrity, a non-profit journalism.

In the call, Brix described that they are concerned that both Atlanta and Baltimore remain at a high level. She continued that Portland, Kansas City, Omaha, of course, they have talked about in the Central Valley in California.

She added that they are observing a light uptick in test positivity in Covid-19 patients in places like Boston, Detroit, DC, and Chicago. She also said that this blowout is different from the previous one in March, April outbreak in which it was everywhere in rural and urban regions.

Dr. Birx warns nine U.S. cities about an upsurge COVID-19 cases
Source: Web

On Sunday, Brix described a media company, CNN, that the lethal Coronavirus is currently more extraordinarily widespread than it was in the previous days of the epidemic.

She said, in Wednesday’s call, that the fear in the recent week centered on the growing number of cases in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Virginia, and Tennessee.

However, they are observing improvements in a few of the red states, and some of the U.S. states have really moved from the red states category, that was above than 10 percent test positivity, to under ten percent, Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky pushed back into the yellow states category. Furthermore, she said that their operation requires to continue to intensity to continue to take down the number of Covid-19 cases.

Currently, she said California and Nebraska have walked into the red status, with above than ten percent of cases coming back positive. Besides this, Brix said that Los Angeles may have seen signs of progress but that there is an important movement of the Coronavirus up California’s Central Valley.