Saudi Crown Prince, bin Salman, accused of killing plot against top senior exiled official

A dominant ex Saudi intelligence official is accusing that a killing group moved from Saudi Arabia to Canada to attempt to kill him just a few days after when Jamal Khashoggi (a journalist) was killed by a member of the similar team, according to the new complaint submitted on Thursday by Dr. Saad Aljabri, the alleged target, in D.C. District court.

Dr. Saad Aljabri alleges Mohammad bin Salman, well-known as MBS, the kingdom’s de facto ruler, and the powerful crown prince, of shipping the killing group to murder him just after a year when Aljabri escaped from Saudi Arabia. Moreover, he denied repeated attempts by the Prince to entice him back home or someplace, which is easily accessible to the Saudis. Saad Aljabri even called many names and accused co-conspirators, which add two persons alleged of being behind the Khashoggi operation.

According to formerly unreported text messages from WhatsApp mentioned in that complaint, MBS required that Saad Aljabri abruptly moved back to Saudi Arabia. As he consistently denied, Saad Aljabri accuses the Prince heightened his threats by calling they will use all available means and threatened to get measured that would be dangerous for him. Furthermore, the Prince also banned children of Saad Aljabri moving from the country.


The Crown Prince no-profit foundation didn’t respond to the request

In Riyadh, the Saudi government, the embassy in (Washington), the United States, and the non-profitable foundation of the Crown Prince hadn’t quickly responded to request for the comment.

The national security community of the U.S. is still chasing the vendetta of the Crown Prince against Saad Aljabri at very high and severe levels, described by the former senior United States official. The former official said that everyone knows it, and they aware that Muhammad bin Salman is looking for Aljabri to return to Saudi Arabia, and he would strive to get him outside with the vision to do him grave harm.

According to that complaint, 9 months earlier, Saad Aljabri said that the Saudi group came to Canada to murder him with his son Khalid and even his family. Besides this, his son had reached in Boston at Logan Airport, he was accompanied to a conference along with 2 FBI spies, the complaint describes, where he allegedly talked about the campaign of Muhammad bin Salman to search Saad Aljabri and his family in the U.S. and forced them to practice attention.