Biden says he would do anything in his power to encourage people to obey COVID-19 measures

Biden says he would do anything in his power to encourage people to obey COVID-19 measures
Biden to do anything in his control to avoid spread of COVID-19, Source: Web

Joe Biden, the President-elect, described that he will do everything in his power to convince the American people to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine and to cover their faces with masks to avoid the blowout of the pandemic and save thousands of lives.

On Friday, when he responded to news reporters’ questions, the President-elect said that he would not make Coronavirus vaccines and masks compulsory.

And Joe Biden, who said in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, called mentioned Friday’s unemployment report ‘grim.’ Moreover, Biden forced President Trump and Congress to approve a Coronavirus relief measure quickly and showed threat that the future will be very miserable without having a deal.

The President-elect was asked if getting the Coronavirus vaccine should be mandated for the American people. Joe Biden answered that he doesn’t think it should be mandatory, he wouldn’t require it to be mandatory, but he would do anything in his power, it is like he doesn’t think face masks have to be made mandatory nationwide.

Biden forced people to commit hundred days to wear masks

Joe Biden promised that he would do anything in his power as president of the U.S. to prompt Americans to follow the right thing and when they do it, explained that it matters. Moreover, he continued that that’s why he said in his inaugural speech that he is going to ask Americans to promise to hundred days to cover faces with masks.

Biden would do anything in his power to implement COVID-19 measures
Biden encourages Americans to wear mask,
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Biden projected that if Americans do it for hundred days in the mid of what will still be an intense disaster and the COVID-19 vaccine is able to be supplied, they are going to examine the death drop off the edge. The President-elect added that they will see hundreds of thousands of American people not getting sick, and his hope is they will then be inclined to say it is worth the patriotic job to go forward and save other Americans.

However, the President-elect stressed that as it comes to delivering the COVID-19 vaccine across the United States, there is a lot more that has to be done.

Biden described that officials from the administration of President Trump have clued us in their strategy on how they decide to deliver the actual Coronavirus vaccine to the different states, but there is no briefed strategy that we have realized anywhere as to how do you get the COVID-19 vaccine out of a container and into injection needle to someone’s arm. He said that it is going to be very tough for that to be done, and it is a very costly proposition.