President Biden showed his support for a ceasefire – The White House

Biden supports a ceasefire

President Biden showed his support for a ceasefire - The White House
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On Monday, Joe Biden, the current President of the United States, raised his voice to support a ceasefire after escalating violence between Hamas and Israel protestors in Gaza stepped in the 2nd week.

President Joe Biden, while having a phone call with Benjamin Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister), has shown his support for a ceasefire and negotiated American engagement with Egypt and other allies towards that end. Moreover, it was the first time ever when the United States formally cited ceasefire in its underway struggles to sort out these circumstances and some of the democrats stressed Biden to make that decision.

Besides this, American President was looking for a diplomatic path to end the skirmish by prompting a stop to conflicts without mentioning openly for Israel to withdraw from the current position. Furthermore, a senior official from the administration described to CNN that President Biden is still not publicly calling Israel for a ceasefire.

The recent call was the 3rd time Joe Biden’s call with Israeli PM Netanyahu in the 6-day phase. Prominent changes in the language of administration after each phone call have mounted levels of concern over that matter.

President Biden showed his support for a ceasefire - The White House
President Biden showed his support for a ceasefire – The White House,
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Biden didn’t openly calling for a ceasefire

On Monday, the White House described that Joe Biden repeated Israel’s right to protect itself, but he encouraged the country to struggle to make sure that the protection of innocent people. The White House also negotiated progress in Israel’s troops operations against Hamas and several other terrorist groups in Gaza.

The mounting number of fatalities in the growing skirmish between Hamas and Israel in Gaza is developing tension inside the White House when administration officials operate the phones with allies in the area.

Throughout the week-long skirmish, American President had avoided phone calls from other Democrats and overseas partners to openly mount stress on Israel after the worsening violence. Furthermore, President’s hesitancy to slam the actions made by Israel and initial hesitancy to support a ceasefire that raised questions about his plan in the Middle East among Democrats whose method to the problem has changed in the previous years.

Jen Psaki, press secretary of the White House, speaking Monday, explained that it wouldn’t be productive for the White House to unveil every aspect of Joe Biden’s negotiation. She described that America was operating through intensive and quiet diplomacy to end the violence.