Biden shouldn’t block Trump to get Intel Briefings – Ric Grenell

Biden shouldn’t block Trump to get Intel Briefings – Ric Grenell
Biden shouldn’t block Trump to get Intel Briefings, Source: Web

On Monday, Ric Grenell, former acting Director of National Intelligence, criticized President Joe Biden for putting forward that Former President Trump shouldn’t get intelligence briefings. Grenell called it an example of how Democrats handle intelligence narratives.

During an interview on National Report of NewsMax TV, he mentioned that the Trump restriction is not acceptable. Ric Grenell also described about Washington powerbroker that this is the game and this is how they control the narrative. He continued that they think we are all stupid and they want to spoon-feed us everything.

He added that it always troubles him when inside members in Washington tried to control and handle information, this isn’t acceptable. Ric Grenell even said that there is no reason, why President Joe Biden’s party, and he himself is struggling to push former President Trump out, really restrict him overall in numerous different ways.

Joe Biden’s son has ties in China

Ric Grenell even label it as infuriating that Jen Psaki (the White House press secretary) has now conceded that President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has links in China that he will unwind.

Grenell said that they live in a bubble in Washington and they say that not take a look at Hunter’s laptop with all this information because it is Russian misinformation.

He further described that ask yourself why they are admitting it now, he is going to unwind himself. Moreover, they just told us that Hunter did not have anything to do with China and now he is going to unwind it. He added that we have got press corps in Washington that has got their head in the sand, this is the problem.

Ric Grenell said that the national agenda is no longer defined by a clash between Democrats and Republicans. He described that we have a battel between Washington leaders trying to control the message and the rest of us on the outer side. Moreover, he concluded the statement, saying that it is the time Washington DC starts listening to us, the people do not live there.