Biden Requested Congress To Approve Over $105bn For Israel & Ukraine

US President has requested Congress to issue funds of more than $105 billion for the support of Israel & Ukraine.

Biden Requested Congress To Approve Over $105bn For Israel & Ukraine

The President of the United States has requested Congress to issue funds of more than $105 billion for the assistance of Israel and Ukraine. It is said that more than $9 bn would be set to address the humanitarian aid in Gaza, Israel, and Ukraine. The request is made for military aid to Ukraine and Israel, humanitarian assistance in Gaza, and immigration enforcement on the US’s Mexican border. Recently, President Biden was on a tour to Israel, where he exhibited his dedication to helping Israel in its war against Hamas. He reassured the American support to Israel in fighting the Hamas militant group.

President Biden made a speech on his visit to Israel and said that American security was directly related to Ukrainian and Israeli victories. Biden has appeared as a wartime leader for Ukraine and Israel as he has repeatedly announced his support for war. He has assured Israel of all the military support to fight against Hamas instead of calling for a ceasefire and addressing the issues through bilateral talks. He made a speech and said he was there to declare that freedom would win and terrorists would not win. His remarks reminded the words of former US President George W. Bush at the time of 9-11.

Still, A Big Part Of Funds Will Go To Ukraine

Sources claim that more than 61 billion dollars will directly go to support Ukraine, and more than 14 billion dollars will go to Israel, especially for its air defense system called Iron Dome. More than $9bn will be set for addressing the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Gaza, and Israel, and about 14bn dollars for US border enforcement. The Budget Director for President Biden, Shalanda Young, sent a letter to temporary House Speaker McHenry saying the world has been looking towards American leaders to step in to address these top priorities. He urged Congress to take the matter seriously in the following weeks.

The National Security Advisor for the White House, Jake Sullivan, talked about Biden’s speech and said the issuance of funds was critical for the American defense and the security of American citizens. The request by the White House came at a time when the US House of Representatives has been going through a challenging turn and struggling to elect the House leader. The former House Speaker McCarthy was removed after a no-confidence move around two weeks ago, and since then, the issue of electing another leader is still there. Without the Speaker, it would be unable to pass a bill or funds.

Biden Requested Congress To Approve Over $105bn For Israel & Ukraine
Biden Requested Congress To Approve Over $105bn For Israel & Ukraine
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Critics Say US Has Turned Blind Eye To Violation Of International Laws

The comments by US Biden came after Hamas attacked the southern region of Israel, which killed almost 1400 people, and Israel started taking strict measures to counter Hamas’ aggression. On the other hand, after the Israeli retaliatory actions, more than 4137 Palestinians were killed in Gaza. Israel took a severe attack on a hospital in Gaza, killing more than 500 people, but Israel said it was not behind that attack. Israeli actions of the great massacre in Gaza have triggered protests in many countries in the Middle East and even in the United States.

Palestine declared the Israeli attack on the Gaza hospital as a war crime, but critics say the US has turned a blind eye to the violation of international law and the humanitarian crisis. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, there has been a critical medical condition in Gaza, and medical and health workers were requesting fuel supplies and other facilities to address the crisis adequately. Till Saturday, there was no clear indication for fuel and other supplies in Gaza.

Biden has made the request for the funds, but there is no House Speaker till now, and even many Republicans already oppose the supply of further funds to Ukraine. By making a smart move, Biden has combined the Ukrainian funds with Israel and Mexico border issues. Biden called for the funds on his visit to Israel, but a massive part of the funds are still dedicated to Ukraine. America is the most significant contributor to Ukraine in its war against Moscow and supplied billions of dollars of military assistance since February last year when Russia started its full-scale invasion.