U.S. President Pledged to “Mobilize Every Resource” to Pull Out Americans

American President faced severe criticism over his mismanagement of American troops' withdrawal from Afghanistan; he pledged the U.S. people there that he will get them home.

U.S. President Pledged to
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President Joe Biden met with harsh criticism over his management of the disordered American troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan; he pledged the U.S. people there that he will get them home and threatened the withdrawal mission would be dangerous and too risky.

In a speech, at the White House, while answering questions from many news reporters, American President said to those critics who are highlighting that Biden’s administration miscalculated the pace of the insurgent Taliban group would occupy, and awfully decided the withdrawal of Americans and Afghan coalition after the twenty years long American presence in Afghanistan.

The United States President described that there would be plenty of time to criticize and 2nd guess when this withdrawal mission is over. He continued that the buck stops with him.

The largest and tough airlift of its kind

The current administration’s Joe Biden labeled the air transportation as one of the largest, a very tough of its kind, and described that an assault in Kabul, Afghanistan, is one concern after the Islamist group’s release from jails of fellow militants. He continued that America is keeping close observation on any potential terrorist risk around the airport.

Biden said that he couldn’t pledge what the final result will be or that it will be without risk of loss. Moreover, he explained that as a commander in chief, he can assure Americans that it will mobilize any resource required.

U.S. President Pledged to "Mobilize Every Resource" to Pull Out Americans
U.S. President Pledged to “Mobilize Every Resource” to Pull Out Americans
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America is badly struggling to pull out thousands of its people by the 31 August deadline, albeit Joe Biden explained this week that American troops at Kabul airport offering security for the removal could stay longer if required.

Biden said that around thirteen thousand people have been withdrawing on American military aircraft since 14 August and eighteen thousand people since the end of July. Furthermore, five-thousand-and-seven hundred people were removed on Thursday alone.

Biden counted on the Taliban collaboration

President is marking collaboration from the Taliban, which the U.S. fought and which expelled the American-backed Govt of Afghanistan a week ago. He said that to the best of their knowledge, the Taliban barriers or checkpoints; they are permitting people to go by showing U.S. passports.

Joe Biden further described that American regulators are in constant interaction with the Taliban. He added that any assault on their forces or disturbance in their activities at the airport will be met with a quick and powerful response.

One of the significant issues is getting Afghan people who assisted America out of the country has been Taliban checkpoints at the airport. President even said that it’s a tough task to find out who was an American member and who simply aimed to go out of Afghanistan.