U.S. President Owes to Stand with European Allies against Russia

Joe Biden pledged to support European Allies against Russia

U.S. President owes to stand with European Allies against Russia
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America is going to stick with its European partners against Russia, Joe Biden (the United States President) has pledged before the face-to-face summit with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

On Wednesday, the United States President will take a tour to Europe and also intended to join both the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and the G-7 (Group of Seven) meetings. Joe Biden also intends to hold a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin on 16 June in Geneva.

The conference comes when the tremendous conflict ties between two nations in years, with pressure escalates over a litany of crisis that adds human rights, hacking allegations, and claims of election interfering.

In a post for The Washington Post printed Saturday, Joe Biden has vowed to support America’s ‘democratic coalition’ in the face of many problems and escalating pressures and threats from Beijing and Moscow.

U.S. President owes to stand with European Allies against Russia
U.S. President owes to stand with European Allies against Russia,
Source: Web

He wrote that they are standing united to deal with Russia’s challenges to European security, beginning with its violence in Ukraine, and there will be no doubt about the resolve of the U.S. to defend their democratic values, which they can’t separate from their interests.

Biden won’t hesitate to respond the future harmful activities

He described that Russian President Vladimir Putin knows that Biden won’t hesitate to respond to upcoming harmful activities. He continued that when they meet, he will again highlight the commitment of America, Europe, and same-minded democracies to support dignity and human rights.

Joe Bide, since stepping into the office in January, has escalated tensions on the Kremlin, and his remarks likening Vladimir Putin to a ‘killer’ had faced harsh criticism in Moscow.

On Friday, both leaders showed optimism that relations with Vladimir Putin (Russian President) could improve, and he anticipated an optimistic result from the meetings.

The President of America, in his weekend letter, also emphasized that the United States doesn’t seek conflict, indicating to his previous extension of the New START weapons reduction land as proof of his desire to decrease pressures.

He concluded that they want a predictable and stable relation where they can operate with Russia on disasters like arms control and strategic stability.