Biden Officially Halts Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” Shelter Program

Biden overturned MPP policy

Biden Officially Halts Trump's
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According to the U.S. DHS (Department of Homeland Security) memorandum pushed to agency heads on Tuesday, that said America has officially closed the Trump-era ‘Remain in Mexico’ plan, which urged thousands of Central American shelter applicants to wait in Mexico for American court cases.

The current administration of the U.S. has stopped the policy, well known as the MPP (Migrant Protection Protocols), just after when he stepped into the office on 20th Jan. On Tuesday, a DHS regulator described to Reuters media agency that since then, above eleven thousand migrants applied, and it has been permitted to step in the United States to pursue claims.

Biden canceled some of the restrictive immigration rules

President of America has overturned several of the restrictive immigration rules made by Donald Trump (former American President), saying that former President remained unsuccessful to honor American asylum policies. Moreover, the GOP members have slammed Joe Biden’s orders, including the closing of Migrant Protection Protocols policy, saying that Biden has encouraged a rise in migrant reaching at the American-Mexican border in the previous months.

Biden Officially Halts Trump's "Remain in Mexico" Shelter Program
Biden Officially Halts Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” Shelter Program,
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American border patrol worries at the border hit the maximum monthly levels in the last twenty years in Mar. and Apr. According to initial numbers shared with the news agency (Reuters), apprehensions in May were similar.

Joe Biden, despite overturning some of Donald Trump’s border policies, has left in place a directive well known as Title 42 that permits the American authorities to quickly push migrants being captured at the southwestern border back to Mexico throughout the pandemic coronavirus.

In an executive order, the current President of the United States called for American agencies to evaluate the Trump-era policy (MPP) and consider whether to dismiss it.

The memorandum official closing the MPP policy, released by Alejandro Mayorkas (DHS Secretary) on Tuesday, in which he described that the policy didn’t sustainably or adequately enhance border management, mentioning that the border crimes ramped up at the time when the program was active.

Mayorkas wrote that, moreover, in making his assessment, he shares the belief that they can only handle migration in a responsible, effective and durable manner if they approach the difficulty comprehensively, looking well beyond their own borders.