Biden Likely To Meet China’s Xi Next Month In San Francisco

Following a visit to Washington by Foreign Minister Wang Yi, a meeting between the two leaders' is set to take place.

Biden Is Expected To Meet China's Xi Next Month In San Francisco

According to an announcement after Beijing’s Foreign Minister (FM) Met US official in Washington on Friday, US President Biden and his Chinese counterpart are expected to meet. Chinese FM Wang Yi had hours of meeting with American National Security advisor Jake Sullivan, and after the meeting, they announced the possible meeting of both countries’ leaders. The White House has not yet confirmed President Biden’s meetup with President Xi. Two leaders are expected to meet in November at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in San Francisco, which is a well-highlighted event and brings the world and business together.

American and Chinese leaders met at the G20 summit in Bali last year. Their meeting was expected at the G20 Summit in India this year, but Beijing refused to attend. The Chinese Foreign Minister’s meeting with Jake Sullivan was part of Wang’s three-day visit to the United States, where he also met with President Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Beijing’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not immediately confirm Wang’s trip but said that there were talks about the sour relations between the two countries.

Chinese state media stated that Beijing’s FM expressed to Biden their concerns for better and stable relations with the US. He added that China wanted stability through three principles of “peaceful coexistence, mutual respect, and win-win cooperation.” Wang presented his country’s proposal for getting better ties. He made similar remarks during his meeting with Blinken on Thursday.

China & US Can Resolve The Tensions In The Middle-East

Both America and China have much to discuss geopolitically. The major topics of concern are the current Israel-Hamas conflict in the Middle East, the Russia-Ukraine war, and the Presidential election in Taiwan early next year. China has claimed to have no interests in the Russia-Ukraine war but allegedly has supported Moscow’s economy after massive Western sanctions on the Kremlin. On the open forms, it has kept itself out of the war and proposed solutions in the United Nations to end the conflict between the Kremlin and Kyiv. China proposed some solutions but got no acceptance. It is also visible in the Middle East that Beijing can play a mediating role as it has good relations with Israel and Arab countries.

China proved itself after it succeeded in binding Saudi Arabia and Iran into ties earlier this year, which proves its efforts for regional peace. It is also anticipated Beijing would go for mending the tensions in the Middle East. But till now, the United States has been providing funds and military support to both Israel and Ukraine. Washington has supplied several hundred billion dollars of Armory to Ukraine since Russia started its invasion in February last year. America is currently supporting Israel in the conflict.

Both America and China are in a situation where they can play a role in getting to a solution for a ceasefire and come up with a good solution for Palestinians.

Biden Is Expected To Meet China's Xi Next Month In San Francisco
Biden Is Expected To Meet China’s Xi Next Month In San Francisco
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Both Countries Are On A Path To Stable Ties

According to the White House, the point was raised between Biden and Wang’s meeting that Beijing and Washington must work together to address the global challenges. Both states have signaled an interest in making good relations. Recently, the US has asked to make a team for bilateral discussions to resolve the disagreements to avoid escalation.

Bilateral relations between the two states deteriorated during former President Donald Trump’s term, who launched a trade war against Beijing. The issue remained sour even after Biden took office, and several misfortunes have happened, like the spy balloon and semiconductor sanctions. A meeting between Blinken and Xi in June in Beijing and another meeting of Xi with a US Senate majority leader, Chuck Schumer, earlier this month indicated that they were following the right direction. Now, the current expectation of both states’ leaders is being considered a big step towards stability.

America has blamed Beijing’s air force for making dangerous maneuvers during its flights on the South China Sea. It was said the Chinese J-11 jet took a near-collusion flight with an American B-52 Bomber. The United States proposed to have military communication between both countries to avoid any misfortune, but Beijing refused to do so.