Biden approves voter registration executive order as he drives Senate to pass HR 1 bill

Biden approves voter registration executive order as he drives Senate to pass HR 1 bill
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On Sunday, President Joe Biden has approved an executive order to hike voter access after pushing the Senate to approve HR 1, sweeping voting rights program for House Democrats.

The White House said that President Biden’s executive directive updates, pushes federal agencies to expand access to voter registration, offers education and voting access to convicts in federal custody, evaluates restrictions to citizens with disabilities, and enhances vote tracking for overseas voters, which even includes the active-duty military.

Yesterday was the anniversary of ‘Bloody Sunday,’ when Alabama’s civil rights demonstrators, marching from Selma to Montgomery, were smashed by state soldiers, quickening approval of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

On Sunday, in a video, President Joe Biden described that during this current legislative session, chosen officials in forty-three American states have already presented more than 250 bills to make it tougher to vote. He continued that they can’t let them succeed.

 In the same video on Sunday, Biden said that this is a landmark piece of law that is immediately needed. He hopes the Senate performs its work so he can push it into legislation.

On Thursday, Joe Biden celebrated the House of Representatives HR 1, citing that he would approve it if it gets passed by the Senate.

The legislation urgently needs to approve

President Biden described that it is urgently required to protect the right to strengthen democracy and promised to cooperate with Congress to advance and refine the legislation.

On Wednesday, the act known as HR 1 got approved by a vote of 220 to 210. Moreover, no GOP members joined with President Biden to pass the legislation.

President Biden approves voter registration executive order
Biden passes voter registration executive order as he drives Senate to pass HR 1 bill,
Source: Web

In the background briefing, a senior administration regulator said that when he says that Biden urges Congress to take action that would prevent American states from struggling at voter suppression, that applies to all American states and it implements to make sure that the federal govt. and private litigants have the tools required to avert restrictive voting moves.

Furthermore, the official described that the president’s executive order could only stem that tide of state voter suppressive action while answering the reporter’s question.

He added that he hears you and shares the concern about the effect on voters and the subtraction of voters that can come in effect through state voter suppressive action, and it makes him sick to think about it. He is so thankful to Joe Biden for taking every step that he can, and now these are only to stem that tide.