President Biden annulled the plan for ‘American heroes’ sculpture garden

Joe Biden rejected Donald Trump's plan for American heroes

President Biden annulled the plan for 'American heroes' sculpture garden
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On Friday, President Joe Biden put a full stop to a plan by Donald Trump, former American President, to make a ‘National Garden of American Heroes.’

Politico reported that current President, Joe Biden, annulled a pair of former President Trump executive orders that required the creation of a park that will pay honor and tribute to popular American heroes from politics, history, and entertainment.

Last July, declared at South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore, former president Trump’s plan was his reaction to riots in American cities vandalizing statues of popular personalities from American history.

Pictures showed the destroyed statues of famous American heroes

Pictures in the media depicted that statues of George Washington, Christopher Columbus, and many other famous personalities being collapsed, destroyed, or splashed with paint.

One of the former President Trump’s executive directives read that these statues aren’t theirs alone, to be discarded at the whim of those reddened fashionable political passions, they linked to generations that have arrived before us and to generations yet unborn.

The report described that Trump ordered the Justice Department to prioritize investigations of suspects that had destroyed federal monuments.

President Biden annulled the plan for 'American heroes' sculpture garden
President Biden annulled the plan for ‘American heroes’ sculpture garden,
Source: Web

President Joe Biden’s struggles to cancel Donald Trump’s orders started soon when he stepped into the office in the first month of 2021.

President Biden, on his 1st day in the office, approved seventeen orders, several of them aiming at Donald Trump’s directives or reinstating activities taken by Donald Trump’s forerunner, Barack Obama (former President). Moreover, Joe Biden later followed activities to annul some of Donald Trump’s immigration laws.

In April, Mike Pompeo (former Secretary of State) lamented the Joe Biden setbacks while interviewing on ‘Fox & Friends’ calling the Democrat’s activities’ tragic.’

Mike Pompeo described that they operated hard with the Mexican Govt., they operated hard with the govt in El Salvador and Guatemala, and Honduras. He continued that they had real relations with those people, and they negotiated. He concluded that they got to a place that made life better for their people and secured their southern border.