Beijing showed an optimistic assessment of President Biden

Beijing showed an optimistic assessment of President Biden
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On Friday, Beijing came up with a bright conclusion of this week’s call between President Joe Biden and President Xi to develop pleasant relations with the new American president.

State media of China touted the call’s timing, which took place on the day before the Lunar New Year (one of the major holiday seasons, especially in Asian countries). According to an article by the English language Global Times, this was broadly interpreted as a sign that Joe Biden showed respect for Chinese President Xi. The editorial further said it looks that Biden was using such goodwill to level the tough messages the new American administration pushed in recent days and numerous interpretations on those messages.

Biden praised his early meetings as vice president

The article draws attention to the deep personal experience of President Xi with President Joe Biden, who controlled a bunch of US delegations to China, including one delegation in 2011, when Biden, then vice president, had planned to meet with Chinese officials five times.

President Joe Biden had previously admired the worth of his summits, especially for a president such as Xi, whose personal identity remains comparatively mysterious than his command on the levers of power. Moreover, both presidents’ Thursday phone call remained active for around two hours, which has turned out to be the rarest session between presidents of the world’s leading economies.

Beijing showed an optimistic assessment of President Biden
Beijing showed an optimistic assessment of President Biden,
Source: Web

The United States readouts of presidents’ call described that President Biden challenged Beijing President on its recent human rights and military practices. Furthermore, Biden later said that China would eat out lunch on infrastructure expenditure if America doesn’t perform well and doesn’t reach nearby.

Biden adopted competitive approach rather than combative one

America will follow a competitive strategy than a combative one, which Trump adopted and ramped up tensions between both countries. But Joe Biden has decided to follow a tough line against China, said the Global Times on Friday. Besides this, the Pentagon is thinking about creating a new, highly skilled task force to study American military policy toward Beijing and change it effectively.

On Friday, John Kirby (defense spokesperson) explained that China is the number one pacing challenge for the department. The Global Times said that the current administration is at the crossroads of how to control and re-manage those differences. The editorial further noted that Joe Biden’s basic attitude is that America would have extreme competition with China, but he will not allow competition to turn into conflict. And this is Biden’s bottom line.


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