Bahrain buys shares in Paris Football Club

Bahrain buys shares in Paris Football Club
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Bahrain has purchased a twenty percent stake in French side PFC (Paris Football Club), the fresh image of the Middle East’s emerging motivation in European football.

 On Monday, in a statement, Ligue 2 said that the Bahraini fund would act as the primary sponsor of the Club with the aim of ‘surging the image and status of Bahrain.’

The statement said that it will back the Club’s determination to see the men’s team participate in the leading tier of French football for the upcoming 3 years.

Paris Football Club separated from Paris Saint Germain, in the leading team in Ligue 1 since the Qatari owners got control of the Club in 2011, but the Club has relished significantly less success than its neighbor teams in the French capital.

Middle East’s investors invested significant amount at European footabll

In recent years, Middle East’s investors have pushed much amount at European football, Abu-Dhabi United Group participated significantly in Manchester City and Qatar Sports Investments buys Paris Saint Germain. Paris Football Club described that the new participation from the Kingdom of Bahrain would arrive with a thirty percent budget upsurge.

The Kingdom of Bahrain buys shares in Paris Football Club
Bahrain purchases shares of Paris FC,
Source: Web

The announcement described that Pierre Ferracci, the Club’s president, will keep the maximum shares of Paris Football Club with a 77 percent stake.

The Club ended seventeenth in French football’s 2nd level after the football league was cut due to the epidemic Coronavirus. Paris Football Club has worked hard to acquire a similar popularity as hold by PSG Paris Saint Germain with few of the smallest appearance numbers in Ligue 2 at its 19,094 seat Stade Charlety.

Besides this, the Club believes that the funding from the Kingdom of Bahrain will support it to grow. The statement added that the sporting determination of the men’s first team to access Ligue 1 in the upcoming three years, and to hoist women’s squad as high as possible in the D1-championship of Women.

The Paris Football Club practice center, with the approval attained in 2018, will grow its resources and even promote its development.

The statement continued that, with the help of this planned partnership, the capital club is currently part of the international dimension where that Club will help its novel shareholder in the growth of training for young players and coaches in Bahrain.