AT&T and CVS reaction to severe protests over George Floyd killing

George Floyd killing ; How CVS, AT&T are reacting to violent protests

This week, as rioters protested over the death of George Floyd throughout the nation, some of the contributors to protests had taken their personal benefits in the form of loot and made severe destruction close to stores.

One of the biggest cities of the United States, Minneapolis, where George Floyd, an unarmed black man, killed by a white police cop, protestors went to that place and alight AutoZone, reported by a media outlet. Besides this, protestors have developed a violent atmosphere that is consistently creating destruction.

AT&T and CVS reaction to severe protests over George Floyd killing

Stores targeted during protests

Many other stores were also targeted by rioters on Thursday night, including Urban Outfitters, GameStop, Timberland, Sephora, and Family Dollar.

On Saturday, Amy Thibault, spokesperson of CVS, said to a media company that many places in the Minneapolis region have been destroyed and halted, which is the conclusion of ongoing disturbance caused by rioters in the state.

The destruction has not limited to Minnesota even it is crawling toward other states, and most of the United States stores and companies had to adopt hard choices about shutting down their stores and don’t even know how long they have to close their stores. Furthermore, CVS temporarily has closed sites in Ohio, Wisconsin, Texas, Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia, and California, Thibault told.

While seeing briefly, we came to know that those shutdowns were a result of destruction done in a few stores, but other stores are shutting down as an alert to avoid damage.

AT&T and CVS reaction to severe protests over George Floyd death

Customer and employee safety is the top priority

Thibault added that customers and employee’s security is our top priority, so we are consistently tracking protests as they happen in the communities we provide and will shutdown stores, if required, to ensure our customer and employee safety.

In Atlanta, many stores had already faced loot that adds AT&T company’s store located at Lenox Road, a report by a media outlet WXIA.

In a statement, the firm said to a media company through email that they believe in equality for everyone, mourn about that tragedy that they are dealing with as a nation, and even respect the right for peaceful protests. Besides this, the company added that vandalism in their communities is not an adequate solution.

Brian Cornell, Target Chief Executive Officer, even react to those protests on Friday, and he assured the damaged Target would be restructured in Minneapolis.

A statement posted by Cornell on Target website in which he described they are a community in pain. He continued that pain isn’t unique to the Twin-Cities, and that disturbance extends throughout America.