Desi Arnaz’s great-granddaughter, Desiree S. Anzalone, passed away at 31

Desiree S. Anzalone died due to stage 4 breast cancer
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The great-granddaughter of Desi Arnaz Sr. and Lucille Ball, Desiree S. Anzalone, has passed away while battling with stage four breast-cancer at the age of 31.

On Friday, People magazine reported that Desiree Anzalone has passed away on September 27 at Smilow Cancer Center in Connecticut.

 Julia Arna (Anzalone’s mother), 51, described to the publication that she was so special, and all their children are special, but that little girl was something else. She continued that they were best friends, and they are still.

Desiree Anzalone was the daughter of Mario Anzalone and Desi Arnaz, and she was the only child of Julia. Moreover, Arnaz described Desiree Anzalone as ‘My mini-me.’

Desi Arnaz told the outlet that she was so beautiful, and she was just so, so beautiful inside and out. He added that she really reminded me a lot of my grandmother, more so than I. Desi Arnaz Jr. (Desiree Anzalone’s maternal grandfather) was the child of the late ‘I Love Lucy’ popular star Desi Arnaz Sr. and funny-women Lucille Ball.

Desi Arnaz's great-granddaughter, Desiree S. Anzalone, passed away at 31
Anzalone passed away due to breast cancer,
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Anzalone went peacefully

Arnaz described to others that Anzalone went peacefully but seeing her move away was just she would not want it on her worst enemy, and no mother should have to watch that.

An obituary (news article of someone’s death) defined Desiree Anzalone as an old soul who loved the 70’s and 60’s music.

 Desiree Anzalone’s talent was creative, including her song writing, playing piano, poetry, and art, and she was much-talented photographer and really enjoyed and liked playing guitar with her father, modeling photography, and singing.

Anzalone initially diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer

People Magazine said that Anzalone was initially diagnosed with stage two breast-cancer at the age of twenty-five. Besides this, Arnaz described that while Desiree Anzalone was a rare situation, it does happen.

People said that Anzalone had undergone chemotherapy and finally planned to undergo a double mastectomy. People added that she was in remission ahead of learning about her breast-cancer had returned, but this time as stage four.

Arnaz said to the outlet that she possibly would have been with them for a few more years, it was starting to blow out a lot more, and the cancer tumors were increasing in size, but they hoped her to stay at lead through the holidays.