Andy Murray meets Roger Federer to support WTA and ATP merger

Andy Murray joins Roger Federer in backing ATP and WTA merger 1

Andy Murray, a British tennis player, is supporting the combination of both women and men’s tennis tour, a hot topic emerged on the front just after the Roger Federer’s tweet due to the postponement of sports amid Coronavirus outbreak.

Placement of WTA and ATP has been debated on and off for many years, but it might be nearest than every following Roger Federer, who is considered as the most popular player in the history of tennis, wanted to know on April 22, that just wondering, am I the only one who is thinking that now it’s a time for women’s and men’s tennis to be merged and come together as one?

The men’s record twenty-times slam winner suddenly got support from tennis mate and nineteen-times champion Rafael Nadal, with Murray who is another player of tennis and they are Big Four, now linking them.

Murray is becoming the first high profile male tennis player who was champion for equality and, for instance, also employs as a women coach.

Andy Murray meets Roger Federer to support WTA and ATP merger

Murray’s view point

Murray said Christiane Amanpour when she was interviewing the 3 times grand slam champion and a tennis leader Billie Jean King, that I think it would be great if other male tennis players are looking it as a positive step for the sport.

He added that he thinks we have a unique sport in which we the women and the men competing at one of the biggest competitions collaboratively. Moreover, he continued that it doesn’t happen in any of the other world’s sports, and he sees that as a big positive. He described that they have the same prize money at the events, which he thinks fantastic as well as very attractive for the audience and sponsors.

He again continued that we have pretty much fifty-fifty type of audience divide between women and men, which is again rare across the global sports, and I think that all these things are things that we must celebrate in the sport. Furthermore, he told that I know there would be a lot of hurdles with a merger, but I think it is really a good step in the right direction to initiate these negotiations.

That was the King who tried to come collaboratively with the men around fifty years ago, which Murray was abrupt to highlight. Besides this, the WTA tour was founded by the King when men denied it.