American Navy to push two aircraft carriers to South China Sea

American Navy to push two aircraft carriers to South China Sea
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The United States Navy will push two jet carriers and many associated with warships to the South China Sea in the upcoming days to take part in military practice.

A spokesman of the Seventh Fleet, Lt. Joe Jeiley, described that the USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Groups and USS Nimitz are managing dual-carrier actions in the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea.

 Working with 2 carrier strike groups in the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea offers modern training opportunities for their forces and offers combatant commanders with important operational flexibility should these forces be called in reaction to regional conditions.

He continued that the presence of 2 carriers isn’t in reaction to any world’s events or any political events. Moreover, this modern capacity quality is one of several paths the United States Navy promotes stability, prosperity, and, most importantly, security throughout the Indo Pacific.

Unied States Navy to push two aircraft carriers to South China Sea
Members of the American Navy stand on board
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The practice is extensively scheduled but arrives as China manages military drills of its personal in the region, close to the contested Parcel Islands, practices that had criticized by the United States and many other countries. Firstly, it was reported by the Wall Street Journal, contribution in the upcoming exercise.

On Friday, Mike Pompeo, Secretary of the state, tweeted that the United States agrees with their Southeast Asian friends, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) military practice in disputed waters of the South China Sea is very provocative. He added that they oppose unlawful claims of Beijing.

On Thursday, in a statement, the Pentagon said that China’s military practices are the advance in a long string of People’s Republic of China’s actions to declare unlawful claims and drawback its Southeast Asian neighbor countries in the South China Sea.

China, Taiwan, and Vietnam claimed the Parcel Islands and the United States has described that Beijing has militarized the islands via the placement of military construction and hardware of military facilities in the South China Sea.

Besides this, in May, the most recently, the United States Navy irregularly challenges claims of Beijing to the island by managing Freedom of Navigation Operations.

Officials told that the United States military practices would not be managed close to any of the disputed islands in the area.