America will make notable contributions to reconstruct Gaza – Antony Blinken

US to make crucial contributions to rebuild Gaza

America will make notable contributions to reconstruct Gaza - Blinken
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On the first day of his official tour to the region, Antony Blinken (the United States Secretary of State) said that America is going to make crucial contributions to reconstruct Gaza and resume its Jerusalem embassy after the hot battle between Hamas and Israel.

In Jerusalem, while speaking to Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister), Antony Blinken described that the United States will operate to make sure that Hamas doesn’t benefit from the relief.

His summit with the Israeli Prime Minister and several other top Israeli officials marked 1st stop on the visit to the Middle East. Moreover, Blinken’s tour comes on the heels of the nastiest fierceness in between Hamas and Israel.

According to the Hamas regulators, Israeli attacks during the recent skirmish have killed around 248 Palestinians that also includes sixty-six children. On the other side, the Israeli emergency service and the military claimed that around twelve people in Israel have been killed, including 2 kids, by Palestinian attack from Gaza.

Both sides dealt with profound losses

On Friday, Hamas and Israel decided to a ceasefire after eleven days of the skirmish. Talking on Tuesday, Antony Blinken described that the destruction and losses on each side in the battle between Hamas and Israel were deep.

America will make notable contributions to reconstruct Gaza - Blinken
America will make notable contributions to reconstruct Gaza – Blinken,
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American Secretary of State explained that deaths are usually reduced to numbers but behind every number is a human being (a son, a daughter, a grandparent, a mother, or a best friend). He continued that the Talmud teaches, losing a life is losing the whole world, whether that life is Israeli or Palestinian.

He further described that he and the Israeli Prime Minister had a comprehensive negotiation about the security requirements of Israel, including resending the Iron Dome aerial defense system along with missile interceptors.

He even negotiated about the right of the peoples living in Palestine and Israel, who he explained equally deserve to live securely and safely, to celebrate and enjoy equal measures of freedom, democracy, and opportunity to be treated with dignity. Blinken didn’t particularly cite the 2-state suggestion or solution that detailed peace discussions were imminent.

Prime Minister of Israel used the summit to emphasize Americans not return to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear agreement, well known as the JCPOA. Furthermore, he added that the agreement would permit Tehran to manufacture nuclear arms and said that Israel reserved the right to protect itself.