America rejects Iranian media’s claims of prisoner deal

The United States denied prisoner's deal claimed by Iran

America rejects Iranian media's claims of prisoner deal
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Iran and America are having negotiations over the eviction of prisoners, a source close to the matter said Sunday when the United States rejected a report by Iranian state media that agreements had been struck.

Prisoner shifts between America and Iran aren’t unusual, and both nations in the previous years have regularly founded the eviction of prisoners. But any action between the two nations is very sensitive as the current administration of Joe Biden seems to resume nuclear matters. Moreover, a 2015 atomic agreement between the two countries included prisoners’ release.

The matter went public when a report an Iranian report of an agreement for the Islamic Republic to release British an American prisoners in return Iran acquiring billions of dollars. Furthermore, American officials quickly rejected the report, although a person familiar with the talks who wasn’t officially allowed to share the matter publicly described that negotiations are active.

The matter was not immediately clear if the report showed action by the Iranian broadcaster to disorder talks with the West due to negotiations in Vienna on Iran’s tattered nuclear accord. Even after an opening rejection, a lady anchor on Iranian state media still reiterated the declaration.

America rejects Iranian media's claims of prisoner deal
America rejects Iranian media’s claims of prisoner deal,
Source: Web

Eviction of four American spies

She said that some sources say 4 Iranian detainees are to be evicted, and seven billion dollars are to be acquired by Tehran in return for releasing four U.S. spies. She added the claimed agreement as coming due to congressional stress on Joe Biden, American President, and his urgent demand to show progress made in the Iran case.

The Telegram channel of state, IRNA News company, said that Majid Takht-e Ravanchi, Iran’s ambassador to the U.N. (United Nations), later rejected the report of the detainee swap, highlighting that it is not confirmed.

Without further explaining, he said that Iran has always stressed the comprehensive exchange of detainees between the two nations. Furthermore, Iran’s state T.V. didn’t recognize the Iranians that the country founded to be released.

Ned Price, State Department spokesperson, abruptly rejected the Iranian state T.V. report. He said that reports that a detainee swap agreement has been reached are not authentic. He continued, ‘as we said that we always increase the cases of Americans imprisoned or missing in Iran. Moreover, he explained that they would not stop until they are able to reunite them with their families.