Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopian PM, gave a deadline to Tigrayan forces to surrender

Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopian PM, gave a deadline to Tigrayan forces to surrender
Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopian Prime Minister, Source: Web

After a few weeks of the lethal skirmish in northern Tigray region of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed (Ethiopian Prime Minister) gave Tigrayan forces a seventy-two-hour limit to surrender.

On Sunday, in a statement published on Twitter, Abiy Ahmed described that govt. forces were now in the 3rd and last phase of their military operation in the region.

 While addressing the members of the governing party, the TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front), he continued that they urge you to surrender peacefully within the upcoming seventy-two hours, identifying that you are at a point of no return.

The federal forces of Ethiopia have been in conflict with the regional govt. of Tigray, which borders Sudan and Eritrea, since the starting of November, as Abiy Ahmed (Ethiopian Prime Minister) declared a military offensive including air attacks.

The fight after tightness over the unilateral decision of Tigray to elect regional management against Abiy Ahmed’s wishes.

Abiy Ahmed, at that time, described that the goals of their operation to finish the impunity that has succeeded for far too long and hold accountable groups and individuals under the laws of the territory.

Abiy Ahmed gave a 72-hours deadline to Tigrayan forces to surrender
A seventy-two hours time limit for Tigrayan forces to surrender,
Source: Web

Frequent bombings in the region

Earlier this week, a source close with the situation, described to a media firm, CNN, that there have since been frequent bombings in the Tigray capital of Mekelle, including near to university and church.

According to the United Nations, around hundreds have killed and nearly thirty-thousands refugees have escaped to neighboring Sudan.

On Wednesday, in a statement on Facebook by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, Tigrayan leaders swore that the people of Tigray will never kneel down to activities of aggressors. Moreover, Tigrayan leaders have alleged that Abiy Ahmed’s federal forces of assaulting and killing innocent civilians while pointing at homes and churches. But the government has refused that claim of killing civilians and media firm, CNN, couldn’t authenticate those claims from both sides due to the communications shutdown.

On Sunday, in his declaration, Abiy Ahmed called on the civilian of Mekelle to play an important role in the defeat of the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front by standing in unity with the national defence.