Adviser to Iran’s top leader dies due to coronavirus, as other supreme officials infected

Advisor to Iran's top leader dies due to coronavirus, as other supreme officials infected

On Monday, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who was acting as a dominant adviser of Iran, got death due to emerging corona-virus and another leading official in the same territory captured by Corona-Virus, said by several media reports.

Corona-virus has also affected the Deputy Health Minister and Vice President of Iran. Mohammad-Mir-Mohammadi was a member of the council who sorted out the disputes between Ayatollah and parliament.

On Monday, Khamenei’s death confirmed after the rejection of help from the state secretary Mike Pompeo, who stated that United States has concerned about Iran. Still, they have shielded the effect of coronavirus in the country.

While briefing on Monday, the speaker of Foreign Ministry Abbas Mousavi told that we don’t want to say yes to such verbal aid, and we don’t count such sympathy. Moreover, he also explained that Iranians have been suspicious of United States’ actions, and Americans tried to weaken Iran’s morale and spirit over the coronavirus spread.

Corona-Virus death ratio in Iran is randomly calculated, which is roundabout 5.5 percent that is higher than the mortality rate of China, which is 2 percent. Furthermore, the number of deaths in Iran reached to 66, which is the fourth highest, outside China. Most of the 1,150 cases all around the Middle East are associated back to Iran.

On Saturday, Iran was trying to apply the possibility of checking tens of thousands of persons after increasing the number of infected patients.

Adviser to Iran's Supreme leader dies from coronavirus, as other top officials infected content

Iran has sealed all the educational institutions, including schools and universities, due to coronavirus outbreak, but on the other side, shrines and other religious Shiite would be remained open. Iranian and other visiting people were apprehended due to the licking of shrines that is considered as one of the spreading ways of coronavirus.

Middle Eastern countries have ceased or banned the journey to Iran due to the high percentage of the virus after China, South Korea, and Italy.

India also declared two coronavirus infected patients on Monday, said by the Indian ministry of health. One of the infected persons was identified in New Delhi that has a travel history of Italy and the other person recognized in Southern State of Telangana, which has a previous travel history of Dubai.

Ministry of Health even said that both persons are fairly monitored and under observation by the specialists.

Indian Dr. Harsh Vardhan, who is the Union Minister of Family Welfare and Health, said that traveling restrictions might be applied due to the current global scenario.

India is severely short on countermeasures against COVID-19, and intelligence agencies even added that its huge population might act like fuel to coronavirus outbreak, said by many news agencies.