Actor Idris Elba tested positive against COVID-19

Actor Idris Elba tested positive against COVID-19

On Monday, Idris Elba, an English actor, announced that he got positive results against Coronavirus.

On Monday, in a shared video on twitter, he told that he was exposed to someone who had tested positive for COVID-19.

He added that no symptoms are observed in him but instantly took himself to isolation after knowing that he suspected for COVID-19.

Sabrina Dhowre, Elba’s wife, also seen in the video, and Elba told that his wife has not been tested and performing well.

Actor Idris Elba tests positive for coronavirus

He even said that this is a serious issue, and it’s time to think about social detachment and wash your hands. Some of the people that are hiding the symptoms of the virus, and they could smoothly spread the disease. Moreover, he continued that they said to their families and has found them very supportive. He said that if someone is feeling ill or you are thinking you should be tested, then importantly, you should do something about it.

People should know that all around the world, there are above 179,000 victims of novel Coronavirus, and over 7,000 got death, numbers are complied by Johns Hopkins University.

Besides, the U.S. confirmed Coronavirus cases are 4,138 and seventy-one deaths nationally.

In Washington State, a vaccine as an experiment was administrated to the coronavirus healthy patient on Monday, reported by The Associated Press. Dr. Anthony Fauci from the U.S. National Institutes of Health told that vaccines will not be ready for almost one and a half year.

He told that now we are living in a divided world, we can feel it. He added now it’s a time to be united and also a time to think about each other.