Georgia, Florida, and Texas leading the U.S. in COVID-19 cases per capita

Georgia, Florida, and Texas leading the U.S. in COVID-19 cases per capita
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American states in the South and West are still reporting daily COVID-19 cases, even descending graph in the last few weeks.

Georgia, per capita, has confirmed the highest number of Coronavirus cases on daily bases over the 7-day average of any US state, including Florida and Texas. Moreover, those American states are led by those governors who forced to restart during the spring time, observed a significant increase in COVID-19 cases, and still forced to resume the school system.

Texas state showed a directive demanding face masks, but on the other side, Georgia and Florida didn’t issue any mandate for acquiring face masks. Brian Kemp, Gov. of Georgia, is now far away to bound cities from acquiring strict measures. Furthermore, the state has permitted bars, gyms, and restaurants to resume limited gatherings.

A Coronavirus report (dated 18 August) from the White House COVID-19 Task Force attained by The AJC (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) mentions that Georgia state does more to battle that disease. The report arrives when colleges are rapidly acknowledging it could be impossible to develop a Coronavirus free atmosphere on campus.

A few U.S. states leading in COVID-19 cases per Capita
People wearing masks to avoid COVID-19,
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Coronavirus not coming slow across the U.S

The Coronavirus is still blowing out at a high frequency all across the United States. On Monday, weekly average novel COVID-19 cases in the United States decreased to 49,000, and that’s the first time lower than fifty thousand since 6 July. India is the only country that crossed that average, which was 4 times the number of people.

The American 7-day average of novel deaths are above than two-hundred people on Tuesday, around tenth time in the previous month. Above 5.5 million American people have confirmed Coronavirus since the inception of the pandemic, and around 172,000 have died.

In the recent few weeks, conditions in some regions have upgraded modestly, and the task force described that Georgia would remain in the danger zone for the intensity of the outbreak when measure by the frequency of virus case test positivity and its growth, reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The White House study obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, said that the small gains of Georgia are fragile, and the progress of the state will require consistent and robust mitigation struggles, including in all open schools.

Kemp’s office, in a statement to a media outlet, CNN, described the Georgia Department of Health and the governor to urge people to put a face mask, observe their distance, wash hands, and follow strict public measures.