Seven points that can reduce your blood pressure as you age

Seven points that can reduce your blood pressure as you age
Seven points to control blood pressure, Source: Web

Everyone wants to live a healthier and longer life, and one path is to keep blood pressure the best level as you age; eighty diastolic (the lower number) and 120 systolic (the highest number).

United States CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) says that is very important in the ongoing pandemic Coronavirus because one of the common and possible danger factors for making a more adverse case of Coronavirus is having high blood pressure.

A novel research says that people can control their blood pressure by improving their score on a metric of 7 heart-healthy manners, doing only one looks to cut hypertension issue by six percent as you age.

On Wednesday, in a statement, the main author (Dr. Timothy B. Plante) of the novel research, which was published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, said that high BP (Blood Pressure) is among the most common situations in America and it adds to the significant burden of disability and the biggest decrease in healthy life expectancy among any disease.

7 points that can decrease blood pressure as you age
Healthier food leads to attain good blood pressure,
Source: Web

Dr. Plante is an Assistant Prof. in the medicine department at the Larner College of Medicine at UOV (University of Vermont) in Burlington. Moreover, Plante, along with his colleagues, observed around 3,000 mid-aged white and black people with normal blood pressure for 9 years. Finally, after 9 years, the research detected that each one-point increase in 7 healthy lifestyle phases recommended by the AHA (American Heart Association) was linked with a six percent less danger of high blood pressure.

Life’s seven simple steps to keep normal blood pressure

Follow you can all the seven steps one by one:

1 – Keep your BMI (Body Mass Index) at a healthy level between 18.5 to 24.9

2 – Adopt a physical behavior where you can get al least 150 minutes per week of moderate physical activities or seventy-five minutes per week of vigorous-intensity

3 – While eating, make sure that you are taking a heart-healthy food, including vegetables and fruits and low sugar, fat, and salt

4 – Say goodbye to smoking, if you are already smoking and never start that habit

5 – Current BP levels, hopefully, lower than 120/80 (normal level) or 130/80, which is supposed to be a slightly higher but not hypertensive

6 – Cholesterol levels are measured today based on complete risk as combined with such health metrics as smoking status, diabetes status, blood pressure, and several other factors.

7 – Fasting blood sugar stages at hundred milligrams a decimeter or below, which is also supposed normal

Plante told a media company, CNN, that each of the 7 steps gets a score of poor, intermediate, and ideal.